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H apartment.

Project finished.


Pure artistic work

Lime mortar grouting. Purely artesanal work done with art and dedication. No wall is similar to the other. Creativity is the clue to create harmony in each and every stone that form each wall without hiding its history.

First the existing grouting or plaster layer is removed. Then Tosca is washed with water pressure. After that grouting is done only with lime mortar.

We found Tapial Wall from the 12th century with high archaeological interest. This was restored with special care and restoration methods.

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AD apartment

Next project. Goodbye walls. Open space.


The Naya

Fly over the sea.

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Tosca house. Steel structure

And first level pillars lifted!


Tosca house. Foundation done.

Good effort by everyone to make this possible.


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Tosca House. Here we go.

After awaiting for so long for council license and culture authority permission, here we start with this Tosca temple.


Recycling Tosca

When we talk about ecological architecture in restoration or complete refurbishments, we also talk about the recycling and the reuse of materials from the site. In this house we reused the Tosca stone that formed part of an existing wall which separated the day area from the kitchen, to transform it into steps in the new Southern naya.

Step 1. Starting point. Existing Tosca wall.

Step 2. Recycling the Tosca that has been delicately extracted and stored in the existing Eastern Naya. C5A54B73-E480-403C-9B68-10DF3ED35801

Step 3. Excavation and preparation of the new Southern naya.C4420C59-9110-406B-ABF7-1047C7EF0EA9

Step 4. Construction of the new Southern naya. 1B4D0FC4-3241-4A00-A95D-D2159115B3A9

Step 5. New steps with the recycled tosca. 27C5D815-DB6D-4745-A85C-CF5682316A8FFC026AC4-EA55-4AE6-B9A5-057A8779E853.

Step 6. Final result. A46C1A25-5800-41BA-A55A-F561F83146C3EDFFAB75-C0A4-4D5C-B662-0BC7F4A4D44B

Hesperides garden


The garden is the place to be, to connect with nature in peace. A quiet corner of nature. Due to the intense feelings that appear in a garden, from ancient times it is related with religion or symbolism.

A garden is far from everyday matters and from wilderness. It is the perfect place to think, and to get the best part of human essence.

In the Greek mythology the Hespérides Garden was related to the Spanish land.

In big cities it is complicated to find a place with such a quality. In Valencia a good garden is the Jardín de las Hespérides. The project was done by a team of three architects: Antonio Gallud, Carlos Campos and Miguel del Rey and an agriculture engineer María Teresa Santamaría.