Ghadban de Pascual Arquitectos Ghadban de Pascual Arquitectos


This house from the 70's in Alicante has been reformed completely. It had a complicated layout with a big staircase and a kitchen hidden at the back, completely independent and far away from the day a day life. The new owner loves open spaces, functionality and comfortability. 


The project renovates all the space inside the house. The night area is also improved with a dressing room. And in the ground floor area is where the works are more intense to get a wide lounge dining space very well connected to the kitchen. Now the kitchen has its own outside space. The stairs are now at the same point, as they were separated for upper floor and for basement, while they have now a lighter and more elegant look. The connection to the outside space is essential. The previous parking space is now transformed into a large garden, keeping the existing trees and adding new plants while the new special grass connects everything.




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