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Project in the Middle East. Lebanon

We are mediterranean, and happy with this project almost finished. A single house project. That’s Lebanon today, our project covered with snow!

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Jávea port building


We have finally obtained the license and we can start with the demolition of this old industrial building in the port of Javea, so the construction of the new residential building can take place. 

Once demolition is finished, the plot is totally cleared and the geotechnical study can be done.

 The last step before commencing the new build is the archaeological excavation, since the old building was located on an archaeological site in Javea historic center.

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Kitchens. Mediterranean, Modern and Industrial style

From the kitchens shown, both new built single houses and apartment refurbishments, we opted for modern kitchens. However, projects that require rehabilitation and reform they embody history and culture of a village. They should remain and be improved after the intervention. The result is projects where the old and the new coexist together in a natural way. 

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Very fast work progress. Casa Begonia

The works are going too fast from one day to the other in Casa Begonia! We've already made nearly all the demolition in first level. A wide opening is made south facing, and today we are going to start opening the hole for the new staircase that will connect the first level with the extention in ground level. 

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Starting the Refurbishment of a Traditional Mediterranean house in Javea.

It all started on a cold and cloudy day of November nearly a year ago when we visited this house for the first time. We got so enthusiastic with all the potential that this house has got. We were filled with inspiration and further ideas. We are very happy to have obtained the licence for the building works just recently and now being able to start the refurbishment and extention. Our way of working is drawing lots of sketches that by the end of the process there's almost no more paper left in the sketch book. This heps us build our first concepts and makes us feel very connected to the site. 

In our projects, when we do a trasformation of an existing traditional house in Javea and the surroundings, we aim to keep the Mediterranean essence after the refurbishment combining the vernacular with the new.

We always talk about Mediterranean house in Javea and all the region, but what do we exactly mean by that? It is in fact very simply and obvious. We are talking about the Tosca, the Naya, the Patio, inclined tiled roof, wooden beams, irregular finishing, wooden windows, the cooked hand made pavement, without underestimating the autochthonous vegetation that forms an essential part of the Mediterranean character. After our intervention all these basic elements will be reinterpreted.

One of the weak points of this house was the disconnection between the living area and the garden and swimming pool. With our project this was solved by integrating the exterior with the interior.

The first level is completely refurbished, whilst the extention is done in the ground level. It will include all the new day area and the en-suite, thus, connecting the swimming pool and the garden with the house. 

We are very pleased to be showing you the evolution of this project from beginning to end.

This is how the house looks like right now.

Week 1. Demolition. Here we go!


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House warming Casa Tosca

Our clients are not just clients, many of them become our family!

We had the pleasure to be invited to our lovely clients’ house last week to have paella (made by our builder himself) and for the kids to play as a finished project house warming.

I took the project on as a total ruin and turned it into a piece of art. I look forward to showing you more pictures soon once the interior decoration is finished!

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Steel structure staircase

We started lifting the first pillars. Now our steel structure staircase with wooden steps is totally finished. Today  we made the light testing and feeling on top of the world! We couldn't feel happier! 

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Heated pool. Projected concrete. Tosca house.

This is the month of our heated pools and the projected concrete. Same technique as we used in the previous article about our heated pool. The first one is located at one of the highest points facing the Javea bay with panoramic views. On the other hand, this one is located in the old town that lets you move back in time to the 12th century surrounded by historical walls that were in state of ruin, and that have been restored with traditional methods. 

Thanks to this technique, with the projected concrete we could achieve the desired shape, due to the fact that this conctrete is easily attached to the application surface.

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Heated pool. Projected concrete. MJ House.

And now we prepare the pool not only for this summer but also for next winter. What a great way to enjoy the spectacular views of the sea in Javea while swimming in winter time as well. 

The pipes for hot water are fitted at the bottom of the pool. Then the steel is placed followed by the projected concrete. The projected concrete guarantees the durabilty of the swimming pool for over 30 years. Larger size aggregates are used in its composition. It is characterised by the fact that it adheres closely to the application surface. A final layer of waterproofing mortar with a reinforcement mesh has been applied on which the finishing surface will be applied.


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Getting ready for the summer. MJ House

Goodbye big old swimming pool, one day you will shine and be as beautiful as the sunrise behind you. 

After finishing the internal works of this Mediterranean house that were more urgent, now we move forward with the exterior and preparing the swimming pool of 5x15m for the summer. 

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