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Heated pool. Projected concrete. Tosca house.

Este es el mes de nuestras piscinas climatizadas y el gunitado. Misma técnica empleada que en el artículo anterior sobre nuestra piscina climatizada. La primera se ubica en lo alto de la bahía con unas vistas panorámicas. Por el contrario esta se encuentra en el casco histórico que te traslada en el tiempo, rodeada de muros del siglo XII y posterior.

Gracias a esta técnica, con el gunitado conseguimos la forma deseada ya que el hormigón proyectado se adhiere fácilmente a la superficie de aplicación. 

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Heated pool. Projected concrete. MJ House.

And now we prepare the pool not only for this summer but also for next winter. What a great way to enjoy the spectacular views of the sea in Javea while swimming in winter time as well. 

The pipes for hot water are fitted at the bottom of the pool. Then the steel is placed followed by the projected concrete. The projected concrete guarantees the durabilty of the swimming pool for over 30 years. Larger size aggregates are used in its composition. It is characterised by the fact that it adheres closely to the application surface. A final layer of waterproofing mortar with a reinforcement mesh has been applied on which the finishing surface will be applied.


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Getting ready for the summer. MJ House

Goodbye big old swimming pool, one day you will shine and be as beautiful as the sunrise behind you. 

After finishing the internal works of this Mediterranean house that were more urgent, now we move forward with the exterior and preparing the swimming pool of 5x15m for the summer. 

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Maximum energy efficiency

Good work vs happy client.

With this Rehabilitation applying the system SATE of 40cm external insulation we obtain a maximum energy efficiency. The result is energy consumption almost zero. 

In addition to a high quality carpentry, low emisivity double glazed windows, and solar protection composed of Iroko wood panels, all this will contribute to an optimum energy efficiency. 

The blocks of 40cm insulation are ready to be fitted in the facade. It requires high precision work.


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Tosca House. Tiling.

The exterior pavement is finished. Done with pieces of big format that is perfectly adapted to the executed slopes. Very soon we will be seeing the lighting in the patio.

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Extensión. Foundation. Structure.

The first phase of the structure is done step by step where we can observe lots of progress in such a small time. 

Here we will discuss these steps and we will be seeing little by little how the extention of this house will be aquiring shape.

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Choosing more samples

Today we had to see lots of samples to choose the wood for the doors, staircase, and wardrobes. 

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VM House. Excavation

Checking the excavation and controlling the condition of the ground, before we start with the foundation.

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MJ House. Samples are already on site!

It makes such a difference seeing only one sample instead of several pieces of the same pavement to be convinced of the good choice. Once in site, we had to choose today the disposition of the tiles. 

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House VM. Demolition

We start a new project. Part is demolished and an extension will be done in the Southern facade, generating a new day area and reorganizing all the space.

When we speak about transformation in arquitecture we speak about the fact that we commence with something preexisting, something that at the time it is being transformed it maintains some fixed elements without suffering any alterations. By these elements we refer to the vernacular Mediterranean architecture. Our project will never lose its essence.  

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