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Recycling Tosca

When we talk about ecological architecture in restoration or complete refurbishments, we also talk about the recycling and the reuse of materials from the site. In this house we reused the Tosca stone that formed part of an existing wall which separated the day area from the kitchen, to transform it into steps in the new Southern naya.

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From sketch to real. WS house.

-Sketch to explain the project to the client. -Picture of the original state. -Picture of the final state.

During the works, the wall showed us pieces of tosca stone instead of normal one, and the railing was finally done without glass in relation with the rest of the house. The fireplace, the wooden ceiling and the spatial concept itself remained.

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Demolition stage. WS House

The transformation of this house in a completely unrecognizable space is in process.

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Works in progress

Discussing some issues at site and confirming electricity plan. We are getting closer to the termination date of the works of the following project in Jávea, where we can see our project grow faster each day. With the good team work and plans very well defined since the beginning of the works, we are finishing each phase in its required time and we aim to keep like that till the end. FullSizeRender

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