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Hesperides garden

The garden is the place to be, to connect with nature in peace. A quiet corner of nature. Due to the intense feelings that appear in a garden, from ancient times it is related with religion or symbolism.

A garden is far from everyday matters and from wilderness. It is the perfect place to think, and to get the best part of human essence.

In the Greek mythology the Hespérides Garden was related to the Spanish land.

In big cities it is complicated to find a place with such a quality. In Valencia a good garden is the Jardín de las Hespérides. The project was done by a team of three architects: Antonio Gallud, Carlos Campos and Miguel del Rey and an agriculture engineer María Teresa Santamaría.

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The maze is a common landscaping tool, it is linked with our origins, and the greek mythology used it very well. To control the plants is maybe a genetic thing of human beings.

To hide, to guide, or to disorientate is available in the nature.

We have a very good natural maze in Spain, it is in the North, in Cantabria. Here the link: Laberinto de Villapresente

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Strokes on the sand

We visited this exposition last day,  Trazos en la arena, from Joaquín Sorolla, the valencian famous painter. It was at the museum that used to be his house in Madrid. The house is made with bits from each place. The mediterranean garden has a great influence from the Alhambra, and inside the valencian ceramic is on the dishes and on the walls. The house, where light plays a main role, shows yet some matters of the modern architecture from the beginnings of XXth century.

We were fascinated watching the light from his brush-strokes, and we kept in mind this quotation. Because it shows the fact of thinking while drawing, or drawing while thinking: the great meaning that is behind a stroke. A sketch, although not strictly materialised, will always be a required step to the project.

Sirine Ghadban

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New York

Capitalism main city was born in a natural harbor, a proper place for commerce in industrial era. Dutch and British stablished here their base point between the old and the new world. Mannahatta, the original peninsula home of natives, became a big node of the industrial activity.

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The island condition in itself provides an isolated state, less contaminated. The geographical barriers limit the population growth, and the concept of limited resources is deeply present in the inhabitants mind. That is what many islands show a sublime landscape, not too much transformed by humans, an idyllic shelter.

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