Ghadban de Pascual Arquitectos Ghadban de Pascual Arquitectos

Analogic vs Digital. Sketch.

PICTURES: Sketches made with a smartphone and pictures of handmade sketches of the House in the Montgó project.

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House in the Montgó

First sketches. Working on the project concept. EE68BE59-916E-4B7C-A243-95197D36A50A

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First approach. House in the Montgo

This is how we start. The first step is to find the way, to explore, to feel. Create paths that respect the nature, integrate into the landscape, play hide and seek and collect sensations.

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Nature contact. House in the Montgó

Another new project. A place in paradise, on the lower slope of the Montgo, wide and full of spontaneous vegetation after years of crops abandonment. This abundance is overwhelming, and states that the native species are the main characters of this project, obviously with consent of big Montgo. The plants have colonized this land to stay.

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