Ghadban de Pascual Arquitectos Ghadban de Pascual Arquitectos



Type: New build

Location: Jávea

Plot: 1.350 m2

House: 241,12 m2

Year: 2020

The essence of our projects is their originality. A house that is born from a plot full of trees in a unique Mediterranean place. We only choose noble and autochthonous materials such as clay, stone and wood, as well as the construction techniques keeping us close to the traditional way of building. Thus, reducing the costs of building without altering the quality of construction. With an A Energy Certification we contribute to a low energy demand and an optimal thermal comfort inside the house.

This house is developed on two levels. The living area and three bedrooms occupy the the ground floor with a double height dining room. Each bedroom with it's small private garden separated by stone walls generating private patios. The master bedroom with an office on the double height occupies the second floor. 




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