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Once more we achieved an architecture with high efficiency leading to a very singular Passive House. South oriented avoiding the overheating in summer with simple methods of solar protection using the sun as a free source of heating in a correct way, as well as the landscape as a free source of refrigeration. 

Architecture can easily combine tradition, innovation and the good result. The house is located close to the Montgó, in Javea. This project aims to the traditional style of house in Javea, with the typical lowered arches made with tosca, the local stone, that create a porche space between the garden and the house.

The most remarkable thing about this house cannot be viewed in a picture, but can be found in the happiness of its owner. This house has gained an energy efficiency certification A according to the current regulation in Spain in 2017.

We could say that our goal has been achieved because there is nothing more gratifying after all the process of building a house with all its difficulties than our clients' satisfaction. To reach this goal we combined different factors that have to do with the latest technology and construction techniques in the market, in addition to the best orientation to get protection from the sun in summer and get its heat in winter. It is also properly insulated and has help from renewable energy.

Hence, there's no need to use air conditioning in peaks of high temperature in summer or heating in winter, like most houses in our region. Of course never leaving behind the usage of traditional construction materials to be also respectful with the environment, and thus, building a house that is not only ecological but also sustainable.

The result, a house that is fresh in summer and warm in winter, without air conditioning as it's not necessary and with a very little use of the efficient heating.


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